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This company began in New York City in 1964 as the Animal Insurance Company of America. From those humble but necessary beginnings, the First Colony Life Insurance Company purchased it. Today, the American Mayflower Life Insurance Company of New York is licensed in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, Rhode Island, and Florida. Almost 95 percent of this company’s business is still in New York State. American Mayflower Life Insurance Co. of New York is a subsidiary of First Colony Life Insurance, a Genworth Financial Assurance company, offered by the well-established Term Life America Insurance. American Mayflower Life Insurance is licensed to serve residents and is bound to excellence through its principles of honesty, responsibility and value. The company is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of First Colony Life Insurance Company and GE Finance Assurance Holdings Incorporated.


Headquartered in New York City, American Mayflower Life Insurance has over $9.5 billion dollars worth of insurance in force and has garnered high ratings across the board for its financial strength. American Mayflower Life Insurance offers two types of whole life insurance, ‘limited payment whole life insurance’ and ‘whole life’ insurance. The difference between the two life insurance contracts is the premium payment period.
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