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John Hancock Term Life Insurance
Term life insurance covers you against loss of life for a specific term, usually one to 20 years. Unlike whole life, it does not accrue any cash value, so the premiums are less expensive, making term life a desirable insurance product for those with less financial flexibility. Your term policy can also be enhanced with riders to customize it for your specific needs. And should your financial position change and you're able to pay a higher premium, you can convert the term policy to permanent coverage - a whole life or universal life policy - that builds value throughout your life. A John Hancock long term care insurance policy is more than a policy. We are committed to providing help, advice, and support before you need care and when you need are. That's why so many people have chosen John Hancock, one of the pioneers and leaders in long term care insurance.

Whether you're considering a life insurance policy or wanting to build a whole financial strategy for your life and career goals, a John Hancock life insurance policy is your best bet. can help. John Hancock Life Insurance Company is providing insurance products since 1862.  Backed by the long-term strength and stability of John Hancock, we provide you with access to quality life products - including whole life and term life - and innovative investment products as well. We provide independent analysis of your financial goals and help you develop financial strategies to fulfill them. From term life or whole life to mutual funds and annuities, we offer various products to help you both protect your family and build wealth. Needing long term care can be a stressful time for both patients and family members. That's when you really appreciate the value of owning a John Hancock long term care insurance policy. Our customers count on us to give them the support they need throughout the care process.

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