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What Factors Affect The Cost Of Term Life Insurance?
There are various factors, called underwriting factors that may have an impact on life insurance costs. These factors could include anything from a high cholesterol or blood pressure to an above-average weight, especially if you have any combination of more than one factor. Even asthma and other breathing disorders can impact your rates. Life insurance companies reward good health, and we all know good health is also rewarding in many other ways.

Remember, it is always important to shop around before you purchase any life insurance policy. This is especially true for people who have asthma or other conditions that may affect their costs. And since underwriting factors can vary from company to company, make sure to compare quotes and find out which policy is best for you. Here are some of the factors insurance companies consider when categorizing someone as preferred risk. But one must keep in mind that definitions of standard and preferred risks vary from company to company.

  • No history of cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer or alcohol/drugs.
  • No family history of cardiovascular disease prior to age 60, for parents/siblings.
  • No flying as a private pilot, or in aviation for two years prior to applying for policy.
  • Having an average, untreated blood pressure that doesn't exceed 150/90.
  • Having a cholesterol level that doesn't exceed 260 (250 for tobacco users).
  • Having a cholesterol / HDL ratio that doesn't exceed 7 (6 for tobacco users).
  • Weight that doesn't exceed the company’s limits.
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